Working Safety near Electrical Installations

EN 50 110, edition 2020 - Language:

The course ensures that after its completion the student will be able to work near electrical installations, know how to avoid electrical accidents, and if one occurs, how to protect himself. Lectures have been developed by leading L-AUS directors with a high score of participant satisfaction. It has been designed to address electrical safety from a more practical view.

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Duration: 3 Hours

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On successful course completion, an email with an attached certificate is automatically sent to the student and/or the Course Education Manager (CEM).

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EN 50 110 is the European norm for operation of electrical installations. All Cenelec countries are committed to implementing the norm into national regulation.

The corresponding regulation in Denmark is The Danish Heavy Current Act, chapter 63, work on or near electrical installations. Both the standard and the Danish regulation is included in the course, and the certificate states qualification on both Danish regulations and European regulations.


Course Structure

The online course contains these sections:

1. Welcome and course navigation.
2. Where and when you are to follow the regulations.
3. The Dangers of electricity.
4. The Basic principles of regulations.
5. Functional checks.
6. Dead Working - working de-energized.
7. Live Working - working energized.
8. Working in the vicinity of live parts.
9. First aid at electrical accidents.
10. Final test (80% correct answers is required for certification).